Monday, March 7, 2011

Altered Minds do some altering!

I'm forever facinated with the unbelievable talent  in this group. We come from all over, have a variety of skills, and enjoy each other and sharing what we know. This past meeting was no different.

It's always a kick to see what these ladies can make out of things I never imagined. Ellen can take a piece of driftwood and create a gorgeous wood nymph sculpture, adding moss and pine cones, etc. Her painting is flawless and the faces are dreamy.

Edda, Betty, Penny and Terry are masters with fiber and cloth. (If I left anyone out, sorry!)

Jill M is a fantastic artist, with gorgeous pen and ink designs, Jill B is a bead artist who also makes beautiful paper and equally beautiful items from the paper.

Darlene is a genius in creating designs from found objects, old things and bits and pieces of everything.
Her designs are always thoughtful and have great meaning.

Trish can do decoupage lovelies using things like old coffee filters. I swear, I'd have never thought of that.

I can go on and on....and starting next month I'm going to take each artist, one by one, and interview them so you can see for yourself how amazing all these ladies are. I apologize if I didn't mention someone in this short essay, but it wasn't intentional, just a matter of time. I'll make sure everyone gets their they so deserve it!!!! And we have so many new members, I'm still learning about them.

Here's some pics of everyone's latest creations.
Betty showing off her jacket!

Just like in a fairy tale!

I love this purse!
There's a great story behind this, but I'll save it for the interview!

Can't wait to see what everyone has to show this month!