Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Are The Altered Minds (aka I Love These Women)

I love these ladies.

They teach me so much about art and about myself.
They encourage me,
empower me and inspire me.

We are, all of us, the
Altered Minds.

I met them first in the Progress Energy Art Gallery.

Think about that.
(my vocation involves raising the individual
and collective, universal vibration)

How cool:

I was circled
by this herd of beautiful goddesses
to carry my art to a new level.

My energy is, indeed, progressing.

Interestingly, when I first attended
an Altered Minds meeting
at the town library,
the power (again, energy) was out.

What I noticed right off,
was this:

they discussed possibilities
and it was clear that they were solution oriented.
They looked this direction and that,
talked through a few ideas,
and, viola,
within perhaps twenty minutes,
we were sitting in a clubhouse
a mile, or so,
down the road.

They accepted Challenge with a smile,
or at least, with a shrug,
and dove into the flow of, “well, now…“.

That was it.
They were stuck with me.

Besides, while all of the “figuring out” was going on,
one of the ladies was
ooooing and aaaaahing over the doll I was carrying.

I have adored the woman, ever since.

Once we relocated, the meeting commenced,
which was a mixture art-related happenings,
updates on a few absent members’ health,
brief introduction of everyone
to benefit a few of we newbies (I believe we were three),
and a statement of the clear expectations of the group.

When it was time for lunch
I mostly listened to them
and watched
as the lady who had complemented my doll
set up some serious stuff on the table
in preparation for
(one of the coolest parts
of my early elementary school routines):

Show and Tell.

Imagine what fun this is, comprised of the following:
Among this group, there are
doll makers,
quilters (traditional and otherwise),
and adventurous types
who travel
with the sole intent of learning a new layer of art.

From them I have learned to
dye fabric with zeal
(which is a state of fun-ness, not a product)
as well as how to
bleach the color out of fabric, with style.

I was shown how to
more capably draw faces.
I have also made paper
by layering other paper, thread, fronds and
whatever else suited my fancy, together.

I have learned to paint fabric
and to create spaces between the colors
which look like a batik technique,
but is not.

I have embellished paper with methods
I never had heard of:
from soap bubbles on shiny paper
to gold leaf on coffee filters,
some of which I later made into greeting cards
and some I saved with intent
to include in the altered book
I am beginning,

(also, of course,
with their influence and suggestions).

I have created a wire armature lizard
which, from what I understand, means
that now I can create
any form I want
in a similar fashion.

I have learned how to better utilize some networking artsy sites online,
with a special focus on etsy.

I've enjoyed a weaving of herStory
as viewed through the traditional women's art of quilting.

This month
I was guided to tool metal,
as I composed and constructed earrings,
which I made for someone else, I thought,
but which the ladies said,
I was meant to wear, myself.

I love meeting with my cohorts:
these crafty, artsy ladies,
who have generously become my friends;

the Altered Minds.

Often, we have silly conversations.
Sometimes we chatter a bit too much,
but our moderator usually can keep us in line
and we always enjoy the talent shared.

Some of us see each other at meetings of other sorts
(mostly the doll makers and quilters, I think).
Sometimes there are field trips
to member’s homes or studios,
or to artsy shows.

We are Collectors
of snippets of thread,
of jars of buttons,
of spools of ribbon,
and stacks of upholstery samples.

Many of us own rolls and reams of paper,
glass pieces and vessels of every sort,
bowls of seashells,
cans of paintbrushes,
multiple sewing machines
stacks of fabric
and whatever falls into our laps
or piles itself, somehow,
into our individual spaces.

Among these large collections,
items bubble up to the top.
When it is apparently time to let it go,
we bring it to the group
and someone else adopts it.

We are kind,
funny, smart,
beautiful, wise,
wonder-filled, expansive,
phenomenal, inspired,
welcoming, supportive,
generous and responsible women.

Our ages span more than forty years distance
but there is no such gap
where we touch the heart of one another
as teachers, students, friends and sisters.

I love these ladies
and I look forward to
the second Tuesday of the month
when I get to share
four blessed hours
among with the Altered Minds.

Sherry S

July 14, 2010

Here's some shots of the doings from our meeting!
For more photos of this month's activities just click here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Always an Adventure

Once again, the meeting was well attended and such fun. We were privileged to have Terry demonstrate her paper art/transfer technique. I'm sure that we'll all be able to use that technique in future designs.

Also, on the agenda, Ellen showed us her altered books....I really like the one with the drawers in it. Unfortunately, I was sleeping on the job and failed to get any pictures of it!


At our last meeting, show and tell was fantastic! So many beautiful things! What talent! So many times I leave the meeting wishing I had the time and talent to make the kinds of wonderful things this group does. Take a look-

See you next time!