Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Perspective!

We were really lucky to have a crash course in drawing at our last meeting, thanks to Betty! I know I sure learned a lot, having forgotten all those "rules" in drawing from way back in my college days. (waaaay wonder I've forgotten!) And Betty was so gracious and patient, while we tried our hand at drawing "in perspective".
You go girl!!!

I know I've said this before, but this group of ladies are so talented and I'm always looking forward, with anticipation, to the show and tell part of each meeting.

Here's Ellen, our mighty leader, showing off her fairy house. Sooo cute!

Our very own Queen!

More beautiful designs!

Sherry showing her handmade wedding invitations!

Sherry showing us her.....oops! Sorry, Sherry!

Speaking of Sherry - She will be teaching us the art of Henna at the September meeting so that we will be able to paint her for her Wedding in October! We're all such a bunch of clowns, she'd better beware! No telling WHAT we'll paint on her!!!!

See you next time!