Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paper Clay Fun!

Ok, I know I'm a little behind here....but I'm catching up, so stick with me! I've had quite a few people ask "just what is the Altered Minds Group"? My husband refers to us as the Fractured Minds Group! lol! So for those of you who don't know, we are a group of women who all do different forms of art....surface design..which includes painting, beading, paper art, metal, quilting, fabric art, found objects, book making, doll making, quilling, etc. In order to belong, you have to agree to take your turn teaching the group. I'm always so inspired by these ladies and look forward to every meeting!

The September meeting of our Altered Minds Group was a real hands on learning experience! Our beloved leader, Ellen, shared how she makes some of her fabulous faces, using paper clay. I'd never worked with paper clay before, so this was quite interesting to me and opened the door for all kinds of possibilities.

Here's a sample of what can be done!

First you make foundation with tin foil.... 

Form it in the shape of a face......

Break off bits of paper clay and start adding it to your form......

Like so.....


Here's Ellen doing her thing!

And here's some of the group doing it too!

So there you go! It was great fun!!!!!

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