Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nuno Felting Fun!

The Altered Minds group had a ball making Nuno felt scarfs.....nothing like a group of talented ladies gathering to share ideas and skills.

Thanks to Betty, we were able to use her church activity room which was large enough to hold all of us and all the tables we needed, AND it had running water! Great room and met all our needs with no problem.

We ordered scarf kits from Suzanne Morgan in some of the most amazing colors. The kits are so complete we didn't need much else except the basic equipment. Check out Suzanne's web site, and her Etsy store, for supplies and kits.'s what we looked like!

I'm demonstrating here...

Jill and Audrey
Betty, who looks like she's been doing this all her life!

And we're rolling!
Me, Edda and Carol

Oopsy! Guess we need to redo the edges!
The finished product! Nice work, Betty!

A great time was had by all! Don't forget to check out Suzanne's web sites and stay tuned for more Nuno fun!

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